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Save energy and money; invest in a dishwasher with a superior cleaning performance.


We offer a complete service if you are looking for glass and dishwashing equipment from supply to maintenance.




We have been providing after-sales services to clients across East Anglia and north of London, so we understand how important your equipment is for your business.


We supply, maintain and repair the best brands including:

30 years' after-sales service

Our range of dish and glass washers are all energy efficient and use less detergent for a superior cleaning performance.


Talk to us now to find out about the latest range of environmentally friendly glass and dishwashers. Call us on 01328 829 607 for details today.


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 •  Comenda and Hoonved

 •  Classeq (classic) and Dawson

 •  Winterhalter and Hobart

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