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Our EPOS systems are part of a complete lifecycle service that includes specifications as well as after-sales support. We are experts at integrating hardware with Samstock Back Office, ICR TMS, Quorion and ECR Touch, SamTouch Office Cloud. With a wealth of features like stock monitoring, upselling/cross-selling and error notifications, you can rest assured that your business will be running smoothly.

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Samtouch EPOS Systems
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Samtouch EPOS Systems

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Powered by SamTouch, enjoy the freedom of rugged and lightweight point-of-sale (POS) systems built for harsh environments. Run your retail or hospitality business more efficiently with a stylish, reliable and space-saving devices.

EPOS Systems
EPOS Systems
EPOS Systems
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Social Distancing EPOS Equipment Norfolk

Ideal solution for Social Distancing and will allow payment on the cloud when order has been placed and Touch Payment when integrated.

Just to let you know, Samtouch2Go now available, it is the new online take-away delivery and Order at table website and customer app which you can view online. This is an ideal social distancing solution. We are aware the hospitality industry is going to struggle immensely over the coming months hence the reason for developing this. It will operate in stand-alone mode and it will interface into SamTouch.

Stand-alone - The system has a back office for you the client to print their orders as well as analytic information about sales, payments etc.

In addition, using a cloud receipt printer, you can print the orders automatically without any operator intervention. Ideal for Social Distancing,

Integration - Where integrated to SamTouch & SamTouch back-office cloud, the orders will be processed to open checks with the option to push these straight through to KP printing or alternatively held in a queue for the operator to confirm the order. Touch Payment with your integrated card machine when using SamTouch or ICRTouch.

Take-Away and Delivery System

Some key points with the takeaway & delivery system.

  • The system will take into consideration the number of orders that are pending for preparation and extend the pickup or delivery time accordingly. So, as an example if it takes 5 minutes on average to prepare an order and you have 10 orders pending then the next slot available will be at least 50 minutes away.
  • You can also configure the number of pickups and deliveries that are available within a time frame. So, for example if you are only able to deal with 2 deliveries in a 30-minute window, once they have been allocated the time window for deliveries will move onto the next 30-minute slot. The same applies for pickups, independently.
  • You can have several different delivery charges based on the distance from the restaurant and also a minimum order value. This can be achieved by setting up radius from the restaurant or by plotting zones on a map. Plotting zones is particularly useful where you have restrictive access i.e.- you have to cross over a river which is a 5-mile round trip or where you have areas you don’t wish to deliver into.

Order@Table - Ideal for Social Distancing

Order at table is a fairly simple process, but where you combined Take Away and Order@table functionality you may need to create separate products due to price differences and VAT differences. This can then be configured in SamTouch as recipes if you need to deal with inventory.

For Social Distancing EPOS Equipment & Touch Payment Terminals in Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridge & surrounding areas

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